Wednesday, November 5, 2008


When we woke up this morning the first thing Elizabeth said was "SNOW!! WE NEED TO GO SLEDDING!" She was relentless and so here we are at 7:00 am bundled in all our snow gear sledding and making snowballs on Nov. 5th. Oh and yes, for all you worried moms looking at this picture of Bubba, we did find a pair of mittens for him to save his hands from the bitter cold and wind.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hey hey he's a monkey......

We borrowed this costume from Brakken and the first day that we got it Calvin did not want to take it off. He wanted to sleep in it because it is so nice, fuzzy, and soft. Now when he gets out of bed he finds his monkey and brings it to us so he can wear it again.

pretty pretty princess

What a beautiful little girl! She was so very excited to be a beautiful princess and she thinks that she has to wear this dress all the time! Ten bonus points to anyone who can name where that fabric came from.

here we go, trick or treating!

Can we say sugar shock?!?

Look at ALL that CANDY!! Two little kids are as happy as can be!

Who are those CUTE kids?!?

Elizabeth thought that the pumpkin "guts" were pretty yucky. She went in one time to pull them out and then let mom and dad take it from there!

Carving Pumpkins!

Calvin think that "guts" were yucky? NO WAY!! He is all boy and guts are SO COOL!!

These are our Jack-O-Lanterns all lit up the picture is kinda fuzzy but it's the thought right?