Sunday, April 24, 2011


 Okay, I know there are a million photos in this post... but that's all everyone wants anyway right?  A picture says a thousand words and all that =)
 Notice the blue hand as she tries drinking dye off the egg dipper!  mmmmmmmmmm..........

 Oh look it's becoming a fashion trend!  Cals hand also ended up blue but I guess i didn't get a pic...dang it!
 Monster eggs!!!  these were such a hit the neighbors  came down and joined in.  We used every single pipe cleaner we could find

 Oren is proud of his creation which is sporting a lovely unibrow, mustache, and beard.

 Hunting for eggs.

 Ahhhh yes it's still blue!

 He's really wide awake with his eyes closed because the sun momentarily made a guest appearance.
 We found a few of these lovely treats on our eggs this morning, i think they enjoyed finding eggs as much as the kiddies.  Calvin did NOT like them at all.  "they are disgusting!"
okay so baby ben really likes to smile, but my camera always makes them blurry cause he moves so fast i think, but isnt he cute?!?

Benjamins blessing day

 Okay so the blessing day was a little crazy and we forgot to get pics with everyone and the kids are in their pj's oh well.  Here's the man of the day...what a handsome little man!

                                                         For those of you who don't know about my wedding dress, the goal was to chop it up and make my kids blessing outfits out of it and a temple dress for myself.   So here his vest is my wedding dress.  If you look at the other kids they also have some incorporated to start my temple dress...sigh     

 I just LOVE these kids!!!  they are awesome and can always make me smile.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Benjamin Alexander

                                     Benjamin Alexander Stocks
                             March 2, 2011
                     7 lbs. 1 oz 19 1/2 inches

We are very excited to have this new little addition to our family.  He is a sweet boy with siblings who are very excited about their new brother.  Ziz is the first to alert me whenever brother wakes up from a nap.  Cal and Lu are glad to help do anything with him and Lulu has really stepped in to be the second little mommy already especially taking care of Ziz while mommy is busy.  

Welcome to the fam!

 Calvin holding baby brother.  When Cal came to the hospital he ran over jumped up onto my bed and yelled "Yeah that's my baby brother!!!"  He loves him TONS and is so excited for him to be here.  there are better pics of them together but i just love this one  =)
                                                               Proud Daddy!
 This one of Lulu just makes me smile.  she's always making silly faces at me
                          The girls and mom with the newest addition
 Cousin Brakken.  Erik and his fam came down and the boys did really good with baby.  (they liked his feet the best I think)

                Lulu tries her hand at feeding the baby a bottle.

Crazy kids!!!!!

Okay so for some reason my kids have LOVED wearing their underwear on their heads!  I'm not sure why....I think it all started one day when they were supposed to be folding their clothes and I started to get frustrated because it was NOT happening so I put Calvins undies on his head and it was instantly hillarious and the newest funny thing to do.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

math class

I remember sitting in math class in high school thinking when are we EVER going to use this stuff?  Well I can definitely say that as a mom I never thought I would use it everyday.  Lately I have been brushing up on the good old story problems such as...

If you have a family of five, three children and two adults, everyone has pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, except the baby who has cereal and a glass of milk.  At lunch dad has a sandwich and chips, mom has leftovers, child 1 has a peanut butter sandwich, child 2 has a hotdog, and child three has noodles.  At dinner Everyone eats the same, entree, side, and vegetable.  Everyone has something to drink at every meal.  Two snacks are made throughout the day and several drinks are consumed (mostly by children who need a clean cup EVERY time).  At the end of the day how many dirty dishes will there be?

WOW ALOT!!!  And out of that family of five who ALWAYS gets to do them?  ( Don't even let me write a story problem for laundry-especially now that there is mud EVERYWHERE!)   So how was everyone elses day?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So here is how Halloween night started.... We trick or treated at the park where some businesses had set up and as we were getting into the van we saw lightning, heard thunder, and saw a WALL of black coming toward us.  As soon as we were all in the van it started to hail like CRAZY!!!  I was driving 30 mph and could barely see in front of me. Oren was sitting next to me and i could barely hear him shouting.  The video is when it had mostly stopped when we remembered we could take video with the camera.  The kids thought it was hilarious, I was just glad that we were in the van =)
Fireman Calvin-oh yeah he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Princess Lulu-she already believes she is one.

Oh yeah, she wanted to be a "masked princess"-she thought she might shake things up a bit.

Cutest Tinkerbell ever!-until she turned into Stinkerbell.  Oren says his nostrils are still burning, and thats saying something for someone who is fairly accustomed to smelling....stuff....

This was about 1/2 hour after the hail.  It was an AWESOME double rainbow.  I was glad when driving down a smaller road and I was one out of like 10 drivers taking a picture!  Seriously EVERY person we saw pulled over at one point and most had a camera in hand.  It rocked!

This is the end result.  My camera definitely did not catch how beautiful it was, but here it is after the storm cleared out.  I love where I live!  There is not 1 apt. complex in view!  

If babies could talk I'm sure this one would be saying that Halloween is her new favorite holiday!

Cute kids ready to pack it in for the night and head home.