Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's that I see?!?

What in the world?...oh now I's a GIRL!!! Okay so I couldn't really tell on this one, but the tech assured me that's what the picture is. The middle picture is her face and the bottom is...well...her bottom tee hee Okay and her legs and feet. You really have to use your imagination here but thought that I would share anyway! Elizabeth says her favorite part is the babies heart she thought it was pretty cool to watch.

New cousin

Here's Elizabeth with her newest cousin Jacklin. She and Calvin love the baby! Here's Calvin watching sister and just being the most handsome boy ever!!!

The cake

This is what Elizabeth looked like when all her friends asleep on the floor. She pretty much remained in a half-asleep mode until we had lunch and cake. Speaking of which, here is the cake fit for a princess.

Lulu's party

Here's Lulu with her princess friends (all the rest were princes). They all looked so pretty! She was also a little nervous from previous experience to blow out her candles, but as long as dad stood by her she did fine.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hooray Lulu is three!

Happy Happy Birthday Lulu!!!


Elizabeth got everything princess from dress-up to fingernail polish and lip gloss. Her new favorite thing is to cross her eyes and make funny here are a few of Lulu at her finest!


Elizabeth wanted to have cupcakes for her birthday and they had to be pink with pink frosting, sprinkles, and a cherry on top! She did a great job blowing out two candles then she got too close for the third and the flame kinda got her lip before she blew it out. She thought it was funny
. When she looks at the picture she says "ooh ooh it's burning my lips!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New haircut!


It has been getting WAY too hot for Calvin to keep his long hair so for the first time ever mom used clippers on Calvin! I think he is lovin' it he keeps on petting his head =) He absolutely LOVES these sunglasses and would not take them off for days...then they got stepped on. OOOPS!! You would think that we had lost a member of the family-he cried for two hours straight that they were "broken...broken...". We weren't sure whether we should bury them or just throw them away. But look at those beautiful blue eyes without them!