Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer 2010

Well it's been a while since I have updated.  We have had a great summer doing anything and everything that is free.  We have been to parades, fireworks, rodeos, hot air balloons, picnics, camping, hiking, and everything in between.  The kids are both going to preschool and loving it.  Isabelle is crawling and walking along the furniture.  Life has gone by too fast this summer!  hope you all enjoy the picture update.

Childrens Museum

We went to the childrens museum in SLC with the cousins and had a fun fun day playing and riding the train.  Calvin loved the water table the most, but he also thought that climbing the rock wall was pretty good too.  And little sassy cowgirl...where does she get that? on the roof they also had a real helicopter which the kids got to "fly" and ride in.

Learning to hunt

Grandpa Bryan made the kids some bows out of PVC pipe.  They really had a great time learning how to "hunt".  Calvin especially loved wearing camo and shooting a bow and arrow just like Alex.

fire station

Tashas boyfriend Brandon took us all to the local fire station in Stevi and let the kids play in ALL the fire trucks and gear.  The kids had a great time.

summer fun

MUD FIGHT!!!  Does this look familiar to anyone?!?

The middle pics are when we hiked the grotto.  It is an easy hike and there is a waterfall at the end.  The kids LOVED it!  The other pics are of a fun family campout before Alex left.  My family is crazy!!!

Strawberry Days

We all went to Strawberry Days for the carnival, the parade, the rodeo, and of course the fresh strawberries and cream!