Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Benjamin Alexander

                                     Benjamin Alexander Stocks
                             March 2, 2011
                     7 lbs. 1 oz 19 1/2 inches

We are very excited to have this new little addition to our family.  He is a sweet boy with siblings who are very excited about their new brother.  Ziz is the first to alert me whenever brother wakes up from a nap.  Cal and Lu are glad to help do anything with him and Lulu has really stepped in to be the second little mommy already especially taking care of Ziz while mommy is busy.  

Welcome to the fam!

 Calvin holding baby brother.  When Cal came to the hospital he ran over jumped up onto my bed and yelled "Yeah that's my baby brother!!!"  He loves him TONS and is so excited for him to be here.  there are better pics of them together but i just love this one  =)
                                                               Proud Daddy!
 This one of Lulu just makes me smile.  she's always making silly faces at me
                          The girls and mom with the newest addition
 Cousin Brakken.  Erik and his fam came down and the boys did really good with baby.  (they liked his feet the best I think)

                Lulu tries her hand at feeding the baby a bottle.

Crazy kids!!!!!

Okay so for some reason my kids have LOVED wearing their underwear on their heads!  I'm not sure why....I think it all started one day when they were supposed to be folding their clothes and I started to get frustrated because it was NOT happening so I put Calvins undies on his head and it was instantly hillarious and the newest funny thing to do.