Saturday, October 30, 2010

So here is how Halloween night started.... We trick or treated at the park where some businesses had set up and as we were getting into the van we saw lightning, heard thunder, and saw a WALL of black coming toward us.  As soon as we were all in the van it started to hail like CRAZY!!!  I was driving 30 mph and could barely see in front of me. Oren was sitting next to me and i could barely hear him shouting.  The video is when it had mostly stopped when we remembered we could take video with the camera.  The kids thought it was hilarious, I was just glad that we were in the van =)
Fireman Calvin-oh yeah he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Princess Lulu-she already believes she is one.

Oh yeah, she wanted to be a "masked princess"-she thought she might shake things up a bit.

Cutest Tinkerbell ever!-until she turned into Stinkerbell.  Oren says his nostrils are still burning, and thats saying something for someone who is fairly accustomed to smelling....stuff....

This was about 1/2 hour after the hail.  It was an AWESOME double rainbow.  I was glad when driving down a smaller road and I was one out of like 10 drivers taking a picture!  Seriously EVERY person we saw pulled over at one point and most had a camera in hand.  It rocked!

This is the end result.  My camera definitely did not catch how beautiful it was, but here it is after the storm cleared out.  I love where I live!  There is not 1 apt. complex in view!  

If babies could talk I'm sure this one would be saying that Halloween is her new favorite holiday!

Cute kids ready to pack it in for the night and head home.


Cool guttin a punkin

"ya I still don't like the guts.  Their slimey."

Okay so I love this one of Cal and dad.  I was telling Lu and Ziz to smile, and here are the boys peeking in between for their ten minutes of fame!

Yes that is a fly paper above my head.  Yes it IS gone now.   And yes it was needed this summer.  The first day we put it up I almost took a picture after 24 hrs.  I started to count the little friends while eating breakfast.  I stopped at over 130!!! OH...and that was only 1 of 3 that were in our kitchen and living room!

I love that Cal can never have a straight face!
Hewe are carving our punkins.  Well, mom and dad did most of the carving, but we had lots of fun!  Ziz had a bottle, Cal had a vampire face, Lulu had a girl face with beautiful lips and eyelashes, dad had a face that looked like Isabelle (because she now has four teeth =), and mine was a ring because Lulu said I had to have something like a girl, but not the same as hers.
Okay so here is Ziz on her first birthday.  Yum! CAKE!!!   Of course Calvin and Lulu were there to show her how it was done.  She did not take ONE bite of her cake, however she carefully skimmed off almost all of the frosting.  Hahahahahaha  =)