Tuesday, November 2, 2010

math class

I remember sitting in math class in high school thinking when are we EVER going to use this stuff?  Well I can definitely say that as a mom I never thought I would use it everyday.  Lately I have been brushing up on the good old story problems such as...

If you have a family of five, three children and two adults, everyone has pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, except the baby who has cereal and a glass of milk.  At lunch dad has a sandwich and chips, mom has leftovers, child 1 has a peanut butter sandwich, child 2 has a hotdog, and child three has noodles.  At dinner Everyone eats the same, entree, side, and vegetable.  Everyone has something to drink at every meal.  Two snacks are made throughout the day and several drinks are consumed (mostly by children who need a clean cup EVERY time).  At the end of the day how many dirty dishes will there be?

WOW ALOT!!!  And out of that family of five who ALWAYS gets to do them?  ( Don't even let me write a story problem for laundry-especially now that there is mud EVERYWHERE!)   So how was everyone elses day?