Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ick Ick Lulu is sick

I feel so bad for Lulu she has been sick since last Sunday. Here she is yet again on the couch trying to recover. I decided to post this because although she is miserable I keep wondering where my personal maid is since I've been sick everyday for weeks from sun up to sun down. Wouldn't it be lovely to have someone to bring me 7-up, read me stories, make me whatever I feel like eating, and let me watch TV all day?!? Ahhhh the wonderful days of being sick as a child, they really were the best! Alas I still get to be mom and do everything around the house while feeling like I've been hit by a truck......I think I will buy myself some bon bons............blaaaach maybe I'll just drink some pickle juice.........or something.......ha ha


Okay so I just love the treat that one of our den leaders did for tonight. Little pinewood cars out of Twinkies, mini Oreo wheels, with a gummy bear driver?!? Rock on! They were a huge hit with the boys! (alright me too)

Ahhh...the biggest night of a young scouters life(and some fathers for that matter)...the Pinewood Derby. I just had to add this because the Pinewood was SO much fun! Our boys did awesome and there were no arguments or hurt feeling-that I could tell anyway. I love scouts they are the best!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has sprung!!!

We were oh so happy to see that Spring is officially here in Payson! We love the beautiful daffodils popping up to say hello. Elizabeth says "Dad say it with me daf-OH-dills". We love Spring the nice warm air, the beautiful colors of flowers, and the happy news of a new little "chick" of our own that will be hatching in early Nov. (the 3rd to be precise). Yahoo we are all so excited for all of these new changes that spring brings. Especially a big sister and big brother. They got to go to the doctor for the first visit and see the baby on TV. Yeah they really have NO idea what is coming their way. But Oren says that the baby will come out with a sticker on it's butt that claims "AS SEEN ON TV" Leave it to Oren to provide the comic relief of the situation. tee hee

Boys will be boys

What else is there to say to describe this picture except... boys will be boys. Calvin decided to put two crayons up his nose this morning and walked around that way for quite a while. Lu and I thought it was rather comical so out came the camera. Oh yeah this one is definitely going to be shown on the first date! He is such a cutie! We love him even with the crayon nose.

Always a princess

Lulu is ALWAYS being a princess from the way she walks, talks, and puts that hand on her hip. The other day she went to the neighbors house to play with Tara and came home wearing this lovely little number. Oooh la la Lulu is posh! What a beautiful and fun little girl...I mean princess.

Cookin up a storm

Here's Lulu cooking some homemade bread with Mama 'Lene. Elizabeth is a great cook and was very excited to put on an apron and help make bread. Papa 'Lade is also in the background peeling an apple for one of his favorite little buddies...Calvin.