Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mary going to the MTC. Yahoo Mary!
The kids swimming with Oren at the hotel on the way back from Illinois.

Oren and Belle watching a movie in 3-D for new years eve.

Two stylin kids

Crashing at the hotel after the first day of travel to Illinois. The journey was two full 12 hour days of driving but the kids were fantastic!
Draw! Oren is using his new clamps like six-shooters and sporting his new MT Griz gear from Ma Missy

What?!? A picture of mom? Here we are opening a pair of socks for Belle.

Okay so the doll house got finished being built, but not finished decorating. She LOVES it anyway and spends hours at a time playing with it.

Train track WOOHOO!!

Happy girl.

Does Lulu love dollies? (barbies NOT babies...YUCK)

Diego car it now goes everywhere with us

The unfinished doll house
Temple Suare lights. Yeah we saw Erik and fam. for about 2 minutes then got sepparated by the mass of people. guess that's what we get for going on the last Mon. (family home evening night) before Christmas. But we still had an awesome time.

Erik's beautiful family going to Temple Square to see the lights.

Waiting at the "train" (trax) station for the train. Yes there's a baby under that red hat.
Making gingerbread/graham cracker houses. We had Erik and the boys over to help. They made dinner then we got our hands dirty. It was hilarious watching the kids devour the candy. Here's Ryker

Captain underpants. We can't get him dressed EVER!

Brakken was the best to watch. After eating candy Oren gave him two glasses of egg nog. Then from the sugar high Brakken decided running around was a good idea. A few minutes later he changed his mind and decided this was NOT a good idea. He went to the bathroom and threw up. He came out crying " Too much Sugar!!"

lulu was a little under the weather but still participated

Erik and the boys building their fort. NOT a house

The kids crash under the pressure of the new move.

Chubby McChubberston.

Decorating the tree at mama Lene and Papa Lade's. Yes the babys face is red from some sort of wierdo rash, sorry baby.

Wit Woo. Hey there honey!

Calvin riding the goats at grandpa Bryans. He woke up at 6:00 to inform us that he was ready to ride the goats. He is still kinda scared once he's on but also loves hate relationship I guess.

Alex really does love babies! okay well I had something really important to do and he was asleep so I plopped the baby on him and then I came back minutes later to find them both asleep so of course I snapped a picture. For Cute!!
Feeding the babe.

We love this picture of Lulu! These kids love laying on the floor by the baby so the next few pictures are them laying on the floor havin' a good time.

bath time!

Lulu kept playing with the rings to the bottles it was so funny so here she is. Crazy girl.

Calvin kissin his sis

New haircut

Where is dad when you need a photo session?
Here's my Christmas present from my haircut. I am SO excited! My hair was completely over processed and dead so here is healthy hair once again. YAHOO! I can't wait to do it with my natural curl fun fun fun. More updated pics of the kids to come.