Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby gets food

Baby Belle went to her 4 month checkup and weighed in at 15 pounds and 3 oz. She officially weighs half as much as Elizabeth and Calvin! What a chub! Now she gets REAL food. She likes it alright, but is a MESSY eater!
Two CRAZY kids!
While shopping at Home Depot for tub supplies we happened to be there for their free day project for kids. Here they are making rain gauges. They got aprons, all the supplies, and a pin showing what they made for their project to put on their apron. Calvin LOVED it!!! Lulu is kinda sick and now has a fever so she was a little less than enthusiastic.

While mom and dad were painting the bathroom Calvin decided to EAT some paint. Thank goodness his is only nontoxic watercolor!

Surprise Project

So Oren and I decided to take on a little project this week. Redo Annas bathroom. This is the before picture of the tub.

These pictures are where Oren is saying "Just what the heck did I let my wife convince me to do?!?"
Before pictures of the walls
After pictures OHH LA LA! The curtain is not metallic but it kinda looks like it in the picture but it really matches the tan/gold color of the paint on the upper half of the walls.

Nice white bathtub with no mold! And what will the family think when they arrive home tonight? I have NO idea but hopefully all goes well and they enjoy. I know I need a nap after this one.