Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm a big girl now!

Elizabeth is just getting so big! Here she is with her new haircut. Yesterday she told me that her hair was too long and she needed it off it went. We cut off about four inches and now it looks like she has thicker hair. YAHOO!!! We love LuLu

Friday, January 2, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas....

Look it's the manger scene...I like these birds to go here!

These wise men are pretty cool!
Don't EAT the stickers Lu!!

This year we wanted to make sure and teach the kids that Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Christ. So we gave the kids stickers to put up while dad read the Christmas story from the Bible. It was really fun and the kids got really into being part of the story. When we were finished we asked them why we celebrate Christmas and Lulu said " Because it's Jesus birthday! Happy birthday to you happy Birthday to you...." and she lead us in two joyous rounds of Happy Birthday for Jesus.

Christmas morning is FINALLY here!!

Calvin is just in awe that when we went to bed there were definitely not this may gifts under that tree!

New Princess pens?!? How cool. Most of the presents for Lulu were princess or Dora Dora Dora the explorer!

Ahhhhh Christmas morning what a joyous occasion. The kids were great, we finally told them to go at it and neither one of them moved. So dad got Lulu the first gift and told her she could unwrap it. She hesitantly tore a small corner and whispered with a twinkle in her eye "I can open it?" Yep you can, and that was it...the paper kept flying all morning. Oh and yes the tree is still crooked it gives it character!!

daddy dearest

New boots for dad YAHOO! We love Cabelas snow boots!

ahh such bliss

Maybe the best gift after all was just the wrapping paper!

we LOVE books!

We love to read and the kids got about 50 new books this Christmas! Look at that little boy......isn't he just the cutest?!?


Here we are after all the presents are opened and we just have to try them out. Look at those cute outfits from Grandma. WIT WOO. Elizabeth couldn't wait to put hers on. After opening two presents she remembered the gift that she had opened just a few days earlier and had thrown a HUGE fit because she had to wait till Christmas to wear it! (Time out was her best friend that day) I thinks some of the favorite gifts this year were the twin babies with stroller and the CD player.

Dance dance dance

Here's Calvin dancing to the music of his new CD player that Santa brought. I would say that these kids had a great Christmas!!

Christmas Pond Village

This was REALLY cool looking! In Salem they had these big rafts made of wood with trees that are all lit up out all over the pond. I really wish that I had my dads camera for this one because my pictures just don't do it ANY justice!!