Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ick Ick Lulu is sick

I feel so bad for Lulu she has been sick since last Sunday. Here she is yet again on the couch trying to recover. I decided to post this because although she is miserable I keep wondering where my personal maid is since I've been sick everyday for weeks from sun up to sun down. Wouldn't it be lovely to have someone to bring me 7-up, read me stories, make me whatever I feel like eating, and let me watch TV all day?!? Ahhhh the wonderful days of being sick as a child, they really were the best! Alas I still get to be mom and do everything around the house while feeling like I've been hit by a truck......I think I will buy myself some bon bons............blaaaach maybe I'll just drink some pickle juice.........or something.......ha ha


Anonymous said...

I really needed to follow this blog.
This pic is so sweet :)
it reminds me one of my friend´s sister, she is also blond.
Nice blog indeed ^^ said...

Poor Lu! Give her kisses for us.

Anna Neilson said...

poor lulu...poor Britney! I feel your pain, babe. When I move up there I am going to help you. I will bring you 7 up and I will watch your chillins while you take a nap.:)