Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's that I see?!?

What in the world?...oh now I's a GIRL!!! Okay so I couldn't really tell on this one, but the tech assured me that's what the picture is. The middle picture is her face and the bottom is...well...her bottom tee hee Okay and her legs and feet. You really have to use your imagination here but thought that I would share anyway! Elizabeth says her favorite part is the babies heart she thought it was pretty cool to watch.


Hillary Stewart said...

congratulations! We cannot wait for the next pretty princess to get here. We love you all.

The neilsons

Leanne said...

CONGRATS!!!! I feel like I've been gone forever, it's only been a week! I MISS EVERYONE!!!!!

Leanne said...

4911045 that's the new one. lets play sometime!