Saturday, January 23, 2010

Worlds largest posting

Okay so the computer died a sudden and horrible death, then we had a baby, then we moved, then we were in Illinois for two weeks. Now we have a computer and I can update! Here is Baby Belle under the billi lights because her billiruben was high. She was in them for about three days. I'm sure she loved her own personal tanning bed and stellar goggles.

Halloween 2009. A cowboy and what a princess?!?

Lulu laughed at her hair and exclaimed "I look like brakken!"

The kids finally get to hold the new baby. Because of H1N1 nobody under 14 was allowed to come to the hospital. So we checked out after the first day and came home so the kids could hold their new baby.

Brand new baby! Isabelle Madison 7lb. 1 oz.

carving pumpkins. Sorry bad photographer I never got a finished picture os Lulus. oops. Her pumpkin had eyelashes and was winking with an oval mouth so she could sing. It was awesome!

Having some fun in the TON of leaves that we got to rake by hand.

Lulu has nobody to play dress-up with so who is her recruit? Yep Calvin. I call these pictures blackmail.

A country fair in Payson right next to the house. We went and had lots of fun. I was even lucky enough to snap the picture right when Cal got licked by a cow! Have I ever mentioned I love Payson?

First day of preschool! (not sure how to rotate the pic because the file is weird) Can we say someone was SO excited?!?

Just being cute for mom to take pictures of.

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Leanne said...

Awww, I've missed you blogging. LOVE that baby!! Did I mention that I think they filled your payson house already? jerks. oh well, you can move to springville instead :P Sorry kids were sick today, mine really wanted to play with yours, next week!!