Friday, May 21, 2010

Updates of the kids

Calvin is the stud-liest little man I have ever seen! He is always so happy- he rocks!
Always a princess! She is never wearing JUST pants and a shirt because as she informed me last night "that is just not beautiful!"
AWWWWE...Doesn't she just melt your little heart?!? She is growing way too fast and trying to scoot on the floor already. She is THE BEST baby. Never fussy just very chill, smiling, and laughing all the time.
This is the best that we could get of the family, but hey at least we're all in it... right?!?
I am completely computer retarded. I can't figure out how to rotate these without downloading them to our computer...that and its a Mac and I don't know how to work it cause' it's not a PC...HELP!!!

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