Sunday, April 24, 2011


 Okay, I know there are a million photos in this post... but that's all everyone wants anyway right?  A picture says a thousand words and all that =)
 Notice the blue hand as she tries drinking dye off the egg dipper!  mmmmmmmmmm..........

 Oh look it's becoming a fashion trend!  Cals hand also ended up blue but I guess i didn't get a pic...dang it!
 Monster eggs!!!  these were such a hit the neighbors  came down and joined in.  We used every single pipe cleaner we could find

 Oren is proud of his creation which is sporting a lovely unibrow, mustache, and beard.

 Hunting for eggs.

 Ahhhh yes it's still blue!

 He's really wide awake with his eyes closed because the sun momentarily made a guest appearance.
 We found a few of these lovely treats on our eggs this morning, i think they enjoyed finding eggs as much as the kiddies.  Calvin did NOT like them at all.  "they are disgusting!"
okay so baby ben really likes to smile, but my camera always makes them blurry cause he moves so fast i think, but isnt he cute?!?

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SO CUTE! Ben looks like Calvin! Questions...did you blow the eggs out for your monster eggs?