Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Lulu was having tons of fun at the balloons! She was so excited to get to wear her flag shirt and she helped mom make the clips that were in her hair.
Calvin loved the balloons. He was a little mesmerized I think.

Our day started around 5:45 am so we could see the balloons and the festivities went on from there. We were about 15 minutes too late to see them blowing them up, but we did get to see them all in the air and watch the balloon games. We were in a spot that the balloons would all go right over so we got to see them pretty close up from underneath.


Leanne said...

Oh man! We totally drove past the balloons, (too many people and we were too late) and we didn't stay for the parade, and we watched the fireworks (teeny tiny) from our bedroom window! We were there in spirit!

Next year lest hang out all that stuff together, shall we? said...

I changed our URL to the "m" that was in there drove me nuts

Leanne said...

I went to your sisters blog, and thank goodness she posted pictures because I was so wanting to see your new little baby, and SHE'S GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations! and I hate that you look so good after having a baby and your hair is incredible, and I'm so happy for you guys! P.s. your kids are angels and they can hang out here anytime!